Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quote of the Day

"It's kind of Welcome to My Town week. We want to open Oakland up and let people see that there's more here than 135 homicides."

Deborah Campbell Ford, spokeswoman for Ron Dellums.

Mwuahaahahahahahhaha!!! hahaha. haha. hehehehehehehheeeeeeeeeeee
Must. stop. laughing.

Ron Dellums is a party pig.

Word is that Ron Dellums wants a big, bad inaugural ball. We are talking about a price tag, for this inaugural ball, of $500K.

From Ron Dellums's website:

"In a limited dollar environment, we must bring all parties to the table to more effectively utilize resources by leverage, communication and collaboration."

What he failed to mention is this: In a limited dollar environment, we need to PAR-TAY!!!!!!!! And by PAR-TAY, I mean half-a-million-dollars-PAR-TAY!!!

Woo woo. Oak-town.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Oaky hosts Flea----------

Actually, I am sure that Oaky hosts many fleas.

However,THE Flea, the ultimate Flea, will be performing in Oakland Arena with the Red Hot Chili Peppers this August 24 as they tour following the release (or leak) of their new album, Stadium Arcadium.

I will not let this situation deteriorate into another Tool-sold-out-at-The-Paramount nightmare. NOOOOOOOO. The events GALORE must go on----When Flea comes to Oaky, TRexALot will be there.

Ummmm.....I don't know if that sounds right.........TRexALots don't have fleas......whatever.

Does a certain somebody named Flea want to send me a ticket in advance? Maynard, are you finally ready to to take me up on the homemade-enchiladas-for-Tool-tickets offer? Leave your comments below.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Its Official: The Oaky Ton has MORE THAN ONE READER!!

I appreciate my readers. And now that I understand I have more than one reader, let me say it again: I appreciate my readers. Notice the plural, people!!

So, after a little Oaky Ton-related work last night, I decide to go through the WHOLE blog, which took a long time, as you can guess, because of ALL the excellent content available....ehehe.

See, a long time ago, I kicked off this groundbreaking blog with a nice little piece describing my move to Oakland and why I chose to live in Oaky versus all those other cities in the Bay Area.

Lo and behold, I find comments under this humble post of mine, multiple comments from seemingly different people! I would like to share with everybody the thoughts that permeate my readers' minds-----Here are my favorites:


man yo oakland sucks its nuthin like San Francisco, but anyways i live in New York the best place in America rite now nuthin worse where i live cause i live in the Bronx recognize tha

Unfortunately, Jason was shot and killed as he tried to finish his sentence. So much for the Bronx.

Anonymous said...

umm.yeah. oakland really does suck. you've got folks who don't have any idea what a trash can is for, you've got idiots running lights and running drugs and playing their crap rascist music loud enough to wake the dead. basically its a land of super low IQ folks who in any other community would be shunned. they intimidate by pointing guns, driving real fast and being real loud when "dey" are on the street. oh yeah. and, came here a liberal and am leaving this hell-hole more conservative then i was before. the main population here in oaktown are suckers who buy into victimhood- get over yourselves oakland you suck you will always suck.

Umm........Jerry Brown, is that you??

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tool at the Paramount: SOLD OUT in minutes

This is a sad story. I did not make it to the Paramount Theatre box office in time to buy Tool tickets for this May. They haven't played a live show since 2002 and I am going to miss the Oaky show this May------


Tickets went on sale Saturday, April 22 at 10AM but sold out within the first few minutes. I expected that but---DAMMIT!

Whatever, I will have to buy tickets to see the Secret Machines on May 6 as they promote their new album, which is out in stores tomorrow. Yeah, baby. I saw the Secret Machines when they opened for the Kings of Leon at the Fillmore. That was an incredible show----Some of the best live bands of our time.

Maynard, if you read this blog (which is likely, since I boast 1-2 readers already), let's make a deal: I will have my man cook you some bomb-ass enchiladas the night of the show in Oakland if you send me tickets. We'll even make some delicious pinto beans and rice for your dining pleasure. Please, Maynard, please!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Zen Master/Crime Fighter

Hey, Mayor Brown......Who will protect us from you??